Monday, January 16, 2012

Word for the Year

Layla over at the Lettered Cottage is hosting a Word of the Year link party.  There are some exciting and terrifying changes and challenges on the horizon for my family this year, so my word is...

 My husband and I are always dreaming of new career possibilities like opening coffee shops, becoming caters or having our own B&B.  Over the years, we had done little more than dream about a few of our ideas, but always, we have stopped short.  Why?  Timing? Yes.  Opportunity? Yes.  Money? Yes, but underlying it all is Fear of Failure.  That is our biggest enemy.   Well, this year, I want things to be different.  They need to be different, and I feel strongly that my desire to be home more with my sweet boy and to be more available to him is something that I need to pursue.  This blog, in fact, is my first attempt to try something I have always wanted to do.   It is taking courage to keep posting and trying to earn a following!

In Psalm 37, King David speaks of committing our ways to the Lord and Psalm 139 says that God is aware of every aspect of our lives.  To me, having courage this year is trusting what God's word says about His Goodness and Faithfulness.  I can try new things and take risks knowing that when my trust is in the Lord and I am committing my ways to Him, He is with me.  Having courage also means being willing to keep trusting in his Goodness and Faithfulness even when my plans do not work out.  I think that takes the most courage.

It will take real courage to step out into the unknown this year.  To face my fear of failure and to embrace uncertainty.  To be willing to take risks and to see even failure as a friend.  I will only be able to do this by God's Grace; thank goodness, He offers it freely! 

Sorry for the long and slightly preachy post, but I needed to process through this.  (Okay, confession time.  Writing all of this down is one thing, hitting "publish" is another! No time like the present to be courageous, right?)  I'd like to hear what your word for year is.  Have you thought of one?

The Lettered Cottage

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