Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nutter Butter

We have 5 happy treat obsessed hens in our Flock.  Henny and Penny were introduced in an earlier post.  I'll introduce the others later, but I decided to write about Nutter Butter seperately because that is how she fits into our flock.  She wants to fit in with Henny and Penny who are at the top of the pecking order, but they treat her like an annoying little sister.

 Nutter Butter is a Buff Orpington .  She is large and shy with butter yellow feathers.   According to the breed chart at Backyard Chickens, Orpington , especially Buffs are one of the best breeds for family pets. The largest chicken in our flock, Nutter Butter also gets the prize for laying eggs the soonest.

    We added Nutter Butter to our flock as a replacement for Candy a.k.a Kenny the rooster.  She was younger than the other chickens, and that meant she was a nuisance.  Henny and Penny would peck her and chase her away, so at night we would put her in a pet carrier sparing her close quarters with bossy chickens.  It wasn't until we added our last 2 chickens that Nutter Butter was fully accepted into the flock. 

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