Thursday, January 5, 2012

Henny and Penny

Chickens are hard to photographThey are social and curious, but mainly they just want treats.  Henny and Penny are "Cinnamon Queens".  The name Cinnamon Queens, while descriptive of their personalities, is a breeder designation not an official breed.  They are actually identified as Sex-links.  There are Red, Golden, and Black varieties.  With most breeds, it is hard to tell the boys and girls apart which explains why we accidentally brought home a rooster.  Twice. With Sex-links, you can tell the boys from the girls by color as chicks.   That's pretty handy, especially if roosters are prohibited where you live.  Sex-links are actually a mixed breed chicken.   So, I guess our girls are Heinz 57 chickens, but don't tell them! 


Pick of the Flock.  What made us pick these two?  They have good personalities, are docile, are good egg layers and were recommended by the breeder.  (a good local breeder is a big help when getting started with chickens)  They lay nice large brown eggs almost everyday.  Interesting fact, chickens lay on average one egg every 27 hours.  There are days when we only find 3 eggs, and the time of day we find eggs varies too.


The Pecking Order.  Henny and Penny definitely rule the roost.  It is interesting to see how the flock functions as a community.  There are the popular chicks, the ones trying to fit in and the outsiders.  Fortunately, we have peace, but as we have added chickens to the flock, well, let's just say we could film a reality show like Desperate Chickens or Keeping Up With the Flock.

Henny and Penny lay medium brown eggs.

I Want Some!? The breeder from whom we purchased Henny and Penny is not selling chickens currently.  We now get our chickens from Chickenville USA.  The Lacys have a beautiful farm outside of Terrell, TX.  They have several breeds of chickens for sale, and are very helpful. Another helpful website is Backyard Chickens. Here you can learn all about raising chickens and find information on different chicken breeds.

Coming soon! Nutter-Butter, the Buff Orpington. 

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