Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Kitchen Project

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then ours is more like an artery, than a heart.  When we bought our home, the chef (my sweet husband) and I thought, we can live with this, right?  After all, the house was in a cul de sac in a good school district, and had a huge backyard.  Well, our narrow galley kitchen is a little harder to live with than we thought.

For the past 3 years, we have been diligently putting our financial house in order.  We are debt free (thanks Mr. Ramsey) and are almost done with our emergency fund.  All we will be able to do this year is a cosmetic upgrade, and even then I am going to have to scrounge around to find the money for this project.  I hope to teach 2 music camps this summer  (Band camp anyone?)  and raise $500-$700 for the project.

This is it looking from the living room through to the garage door.  I wasn't kidding about it being narrow!  On the left, you can see our washer and dryer.  Talk about a multipurpose space. 

The left side. 


The right side.  Think it is time to clean off the fridge?

 This is a look from the other direction. 

I took this picture sitting on the living room couch.  There is no escaping the blue counters!

So what's on the list? 
  • Paint and possibly glaze the cabinets
  • Counter tops
  • New faucet
  • New sink?  
  • Replace the dishwasher panel, or paint it so that it is white like the cabinets
The budget is pretty tight for everything I want to do, but I really thrive on a challenge like this!  Check out some of the inspiration photos I have collected.

This is my favorite inspiration photo, so far.  The look is light and bright, which I love!  The wood counters are warm and the open shelving makes the space look airy.  Check out the before and after photos of this renovation at Beneath My Heart.  It's quite a transformation.

Pinned Image

This kitchen comes from Better Homes and Gardens.  I like the metal brackets holding up the shelves.  I wonder if open shelving would be a pain when it comes to dusting?  I am going to be adding more inspiration photos to my collection as I make plans for the kitchen redo.  Follow me on Pinterest to see more ideas I have for my kitchen redo.

What would you like to do with your kitchen?  I would love to see pictures of what you have done or what you plan to do.  Share plans, ideas and dreams you have, and let's do this together!
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