Saturday, December 31, 2011


I have always wanted to paint. I can remember watching Bob Ross on PBS make his "happy little trees". It looked so easy.... Well, Jason gave me the night off to tap into my inner Monet. I thought I would share my evening as an artist.

We started off with a basic sketch of the trees we would be painting on a white canvas. The pencil lines are hard to see, but the instructors do the sketching before the class starts.

Filling in the back ground color proved to be a little tricky.  I had to leave an outline of the trunks and branches for later.  The perfectionist in me was frustrated by my lack of paint brush control.  I would see where I wanted the paint to go, and my hand go some place else. 


With the back ground colors on the canvas, we began to add layers of leaves in shades of gold and orange.

We also added black lines for the tree trunks.  

To finish the painting, we added white to the Aspen trees and more leaves in shades of red and even green.  I think the green leaves are a nice relief from all the fall colors.  Check out the inspiration painting below.

There were probably 30 people at the class sipping wine (letsartparty is BYOB), and painting together.  It was interesting to walk around the room and see how different the paintings turned out. While I am still as paint brush challenged as ever, the good instructors and carefully structured art classes at Lets Art Party will have me back to add another masterpiece to my own budding art gallery at home!

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